imjustahobbit said: Hi, dear! How are you? ^^ funny fact: I'm in Netherlands right now! XD

Hi :D I’m fine, should be getting back on track with drawing but I’m having too much fun playing with paper mache… Should you happen to be in the south somewhere: !!!



One of the best visual representations of the double standards subjected to all women on a daily basis. Reconsider the next time you toss about the words in column 3.

this is important

You know…some things, Jon Snow (x)

Mariiii! Look!
Hi guys.

Hobbit face on.

Alone in a crowd is worse than just alone.
BlueMonkey & ThornyHedge: He Hung the Moon and Painted in the Stars, Chapter 16: It Won’t Always Be Like This.
I’m sure everyone’s had similar experiences. It doesn’t matter how lively the surrounding is, being an outsider always means being miserable. In fact, the more exciting the surrounding, the deeper the misery—even worse if there are expectations of you.
Just think about a monochrome image of a large city crowd with only one colour figure standing stiffly in the middle. In the crowd but not fitting in. Exactly that.

(Thanks for the support. I’ll get back to new art soon, I hope.)


Just for one day I’d like to not be there for other people’s entertainment.




Perfection <3


Having a pretty godawful weekend so far. We were supposed to be buying a house. Didn’t go through. Boyfriend says he feels elated. And that’s a four year relationship for you.


I’m a costumer, but unfortunately armours are still of unknown territory. Hopefully this can be fixed someday.
Inspired by BlueMonkey & ThornyHedge’s He Hung the Moon and Painted in the Stars, Chapter 7: Silver Sand and Stardust.
Smut(?) is as interesting as fighting for it’s also interaction between bodies, essentially. Truth is, i have a thing for 着エロ - uh, smut with clothes on? Not that i’m shy or pretending to be shy; i just think being sexy is a completely different concept from being naked and the use of clothing aids expression.
Since there are so many wonderful characters in the fandom, i should finally make that werewolf game au i’ve been dying to do with them. I’m a sucker for mystery & suspense.

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